Before You Can Lead, You Must Be Able to Follow- 3 People to Follow in the B2B Market

Before You May Lead, You must Be Able to (1)

Have you ever felt unsure as to who can provide you with influential advice in the B2B market? If you’re like me, just starting out in the market, it can be overwhelming as to who can help lead you down a road towards to success outside your immediate network.

Luckily there is the presence of countless individuals on Social Media and the Web who are always providing inspirational, yet factual, information to those in need.

In this blog post I will present my top 3 B2B influences and an example of the information they provide that has helped re-affirm my interest in the B2B market or provided me inspiration in the marketing and sales aspect involved with it.

Andy Sernovitz- @sernovitz

A few months ago, I received a book from the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado titled, Word of Mouth Marketing by an author named Andy Sernovitz. As the book kept sitting on my nightstand I mulled over the thought if I should read it or not and, thankfully, I decided to give it a try.

Throughout the book Andy details ways in which the reader can successfully build value into their company, whether small or large, and get people talking about the business both in a positive light and with little cost. I recommend this book to any individual who wants insights as to how to positively grow their business or ways to get people “talking.” As the opening lines of the book reads,

“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

Christine Crandell- @ChrisCrandell

With regular blog posts on Forbes and her own personal website Christine Crandell has become a large influence in my desire to be a part of the B2B market. In my last post “B2B or B2C” I shared with my readers that I did not want to fall into the sales person stigma often associated with the B2C salesperson; but rather, build a rapport with a company and assure them of the true value in products/services I provide.

Christine seems to say it perfectly in her blog post, “Outside- In Customer Experience Is The Best Offensive Strategy” where her opening paragraph contains,

“B2B companies are realizing that the real rockbed of building enduring relationships lies in the perception customers hold of value. Value is increasingly not in the products but the services that sellers provide.”

Mark Hunter- @TheSalesHunter 

With the constant hustle and bustle of life, work, school, etc. always keeping us busy it can be hard to stay motivated. If you’re like me it sometimes coffee just won’t cut it. When I’m running low on fumes I like to turn to quotes for inspiration. Recently, via Twitter, I came across Mark Hunter.

Not only does Mark give great sales and business advice but he also gives excellent inspirational quotes. I recommend following his Twitter or reading one of his many blogs here so you can improve your business strategies or just receive some inspiration. I especially like his April 3rd Twitter post in which he says,

“ Success is not constant. You have to earn it each and every day.”

Final Thoughts

While thinking about how to put all my ideas into this post I was having a hard time narrowing my influences down to just 3. I remember just a few weeks ago not knowing anyone who could give me reliable advice and information about the B2B market and inspirational strategies for growth; I felt lost.

I appreciate the fact that I have been opened to many different viewpoints, influences, strategies, and inspirational people via Social Media and the Web. If you are feeling lost I invite you to follow these Influencers as well as any that you may find on my Twitter Lists. I also invite you to leave a comment below as to who your own B2B influencers are so myself, and others, can learn as well. Thanks for reading!

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